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McDermid, Val2022
Books, Manuscripts
1979. It is the winter of discontent, and reporter Allie Burns is hunting for the story that will make her name. There are few women in the newsroom and she needs an explosive scoop for the boys' club to take her seriously. Allie and fellow junior reporter Danny Sullivan aren't afraid to raise ha...
List view record 2: The 6:20 manList view anchor tag for record 2: The 6:20 man
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The 6:20 man

Baldacci, David2022
Books, Manuscripts
Having survived combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and been decorated with medals, Travis Devine mysteriously leaves the army under a cloud of suspicion. Swapping fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda for the cut-throat world of high finance, his new role takes him into a world where greed, power, ...
List view record 3: Abandoned in deathList view anchor tag for record 3: Abandoned in death
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Abandoned in death

Robb, J. D., 1950-2022
Books, Manuscripts
Three young women have gone missing. They're all pretty, mid-twenties - someone clearly has a type. But no one links their disappearances until the first - Lauren Elder - is found lying peacefully on a bench in a children's playground. She is neatly dressed with a wide black velvet ribbon coverin...
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The accomplice

Cavanagh, Steve2022
Books, Manuscripts
The Sandman killings have been solved. Daniel Miller murdered fourteen people before he vanished. His wife, Carrie, now faces trial as his accomplice. The FBI, the District Attorney, the media and everyone in America believe she knew and helped cover up her husband's crimes. Eddie Flynn won't tak...
List view record 5: The affairs of Ashmore CastleList view anchor tag for record 5: The affairs of Ashmore Castle
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The affairs of Ashmore Castle

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia2022
Books, Manuscripts
England, 1903. Giles, the new Earl of Stainton, is struggling to bring his family's estate back to order after the death of his father, and he has little time to spare for his young pregnant wife Kitty. She lives in fear of her mother-in-law, who won't give up the reins of the household. Will she...
List view record 6: All about EvieList view anchor tag for record 6: All about Evie
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All about Evie

Taylor, Matson2022
Books, Manuscripts
Ten years on from the events of 'The Miseducation of Evie Epworth', Evie is settled in London and working as a production assistant for the BBC. She has everything she ever dreamed of (a career, a leatherette briefcase, an Ossie Clark poncho) but, following an unfortunate incident involving a Hor...
List view record 7: All I said was trueList view anchor tag for record 7: All I said was true
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All I said was true

Mahmood, Imran2022
Books, Manuscripts
When Amy Blahn was murdered on a London office rooftop, Layla Mahoney was there. She held Amy as she died. But all she can say when police arrest her is that 'It was Michael. Find Michael and you'll find out everything you need to know.' The problem is, the police can't find Michael - there is no...
List view record 8: All that livesList view anchor tag for record 8: All that lives
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All that lives

Oswald, James2022
Books, Manuscripts
An archaeological dig at the old South Leith parish kirkyard has turned up a mysterious body dating from around 700 years ago. The experts wonder if she wasn't murdered and dumped, but some suspect that this gruesome discovery is a sacrifice, placed there for a specific purpose. Then a second bod...
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Amy and Lan

Jones, Sadie2022
Books, Manuscripts
Amy Connell and Lan Honey are having the best childhood, growing up on a West Country farm - three families, a couple of lodgers, goats, dogs and an orphaned calf called Gabriella Christmas. The parents are best friends too. Originally from the city, they're learning about farming: growing their ...
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Ancestry : a novel

Mawer, Simon2022
Books, Manuscripts
Almost two hundred years ago, Abraham, an illiterate urchin, scavenges on a Suffolk beach and dreams of running away to sea. Naomi, a seventeen-year-old seamstress, sits primly in a second class carriage on the train from Sussex to London and imagines a new life in the big city. George, a private...
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