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The affair

Boyd, Hilary2022
Connie and her GP husband Devan have led a charmed life since they married in their twenties. Forty years on they are the couple their whole village envies. Life isn't quite so rosy just now with Devan struggling to adjust to early retirement, but Connie hopes that getting away for a few weeks th...
List view record 2: After the rainList view anchor tag for record 2: After the rain
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After the rain

Dillon, Lucy, 1974-2022
Tara Hunter is a therapist on a mission to restore Longhampton's community spirit after catastrophic flooding. But with her boyfriend AWOL, her family fragmented, and only a cat for company, Tara's own life is crumbling. On top of everything, Tara's father - last seen as he walked out on her when...
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Brear, AnneMarie2022
London, 1929. Lady Alice Mayton-Walsh has always been a free independent spirit. With wealth and position, Alice defies convention and created, Sheer, a women's magazine. However, after years of hard work, she finds that her life isn't as complete as she expected it to be. Then her brother's best...
List view record 4: The Bangalore Detectives ClubList view anchor tag for record 4: The Bangalore Detectives Club
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The Bangalore Detectives Club

Nagendra, Harini2022
When clever, headstrong Kaveri moves to Bangalore to marry doctor Ramu, she's resigned herself to a quiet life. But that all changes the night of the party at the Century Club, where she escapes to the garden for some peace - and instead spots an uninvited guest in the shadows. Half an hour later...
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Brear, AnneMarie2022
Cece is gifted a cottage in the Scottish Highlands. She doesn't want a cottage or to go to Scotland. But Cece learns that another 'unwanted gift' is suddenly very real and forces her to flee to Scotland. Old, rundown and in need of some tender care like Cece, the cottage becomes her bolt hole to ...
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List view record 6: The coveList view anchor tag for record 6: The cove
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The cove

Clark-Platts, Alice, 1976-2022
Welcome to Turtle Cove. A luxury resort surrounded by pristine sea and the dense beauty of the jungle, it is the perfect escape from the stresses of life and work. For couples Lou and Adam, Eliza and Noah, a few days spent relaxing on the beach, while their kids are happily distracted, is exactly...
List view record 7: Elizabeth FinchList view anchor tag for record 7: Elizabeth Finch
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Elizabeth Finch

Barnes, Julian2022
Elizabeth Finch was a teacher, a thinker, an inspiration - always rigorous, always thoughtful. With careful empathy, she guided her students to develop meaningful ideas and to discover their centres of seriousness. As a former student unpacks her notebooks and remembers her uniquely inquisitive m...
List view record 8: Fenwick HousesList view anchor tag for record 8: Fenwick Houses
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Fenwick Houses

Cookson, Catherine2022
High above the river stood the small terrace of miners' cottages known as Fenwick Houses. And here, during the hazardous years of the depression, lived Christine Winter, a girl blessed - or cursed - with the indefinable appeal that drove men to the brink of obsession. Three men dominated her life...
List view record 9: First bornList view anchor tag for record 9: First born
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First born

Dean, Will (Novelist)2022
Molly lives a quiet, contained life in London. Naturally risk averse, she gains comfort from security and structure. Every day the same. Her identical twin Katie is her exact opposite: gregarious and spontaneous. They used to be inseparable, until Katie moved to New York a year ago. Molly still s...
List view record 10: Gracie's prideList view anchor tag for record 10: Gracie's pride
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Gracie's pride

Adam, Lilly2022
In 1851, Joshua Browning sets off to join the Californian gold rush, leaving his wife and twin sons behind to run Hatherton Farm. Squire Cameron Marshall soon plots a way to regain the few acres of land, which he believes are rightfully his. Gracie Browning soon finds herself at the mercy of the ...
List view record 11: A home from homeList view anchor tag for record 11: A home from home
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A home from home

Hendry, Rosie2022
Norfolk, 1944. Phylly is a Land Girl on Catchetts Farm. She and her friend Gracie are doing their bit to support the war effort. But times are changing at Catchetts - there's an evacuee and two POWs on their way. And then Phylly meets an American airman from the base up the road. As the war rages...
List view record 12: Hope and GloryList view anchor tag for record 12: Hope and Glory
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Hope and Glory

Benson, Jendella2022
Glory arrives back in Peckham, from her seemingly-glamorous life in LA, to mourn the sudden death of her father, and finds her previously-close family has fallen apart in her absence. Her brother, Victor, has been jailed; her sister, Faith, appears to have lost her independence and ambition; and ...
List view record 13: Hope in the ValleysList view anchor tag for record 13: Hope in the Valleys
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Hope in the Valleys

Capaldi, Francesca2022
It's August 1917 and WW1 continues to take a toll. The villagers of Dorcalon try to keep hope alive; but every day brings fresh tragedy as more are killed on foreign battlefields. Elizabeth Meredith, daughter of mine manager Herbert, enjoys a privileged position in the village, but she longs to b...
List view record 14: House of menList view anchor tag for record 14: House of men
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House of men

Cookson, Catherine2022
Following the breaking of her engagement, Kate Mitchell applies for a job as a part-time secretary at Tor-Fret, the lonely house above the village on Neete Fell. There she works for Maurice Rossiter, head of a strange household composed only of men.
List view record 15: Jeannie's warList view anchor tag for record 15: Jeannie's war
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Jeannie's war

MacLean, Carol2022
Glasgow, 1939. Despite being shy and reserved, Jeannie Dougal finds herself newly engaged to handsome soldier, Arthur Dunn, the day war is announced. Jeannie accepts, even if she is unsure if a girl from the tenements will fit in with Arthur's comfortable, middle-class background. But as WW2 take...
List view record 16: Life's a catastropheList view anchor tag for record 16: Life's a catastrophe
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Life's a catastrophe

Pelling, Kirstie2022
What if thinking like your cat could solve your problems? Aly Meadows is a self-proclaimed 'catfluencer' using her two beloved pets to earn thousands of likes on Instagram. But behind the lens, Aly is broke, facing eviction and living a life that's a million miles away from the glamourous world o...
List view record 17: Little drummerList view anchor tag for record 17: Little drummer
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Little drummer

Dahl, Kjell Ola, 1958-2022
When a woman is found dead in her car in a Norwegian parking garage, everyone suspects an overdose - until a forensics report indicates that she was murdered. Oslo Detectives Frolich and Gunnarstranda discover that the victim's Kenyan scientist boyfriend has disappeared, and their investigations ...
List view record 18: Love, BettyList view anchor tag for record 18: Love, Betty
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Love, Betty

Kemp, Laura2022
On the day that Betty meets Guy, her life is changed forever. She never thought she'd see him again, but a few months later, realizes she has something of his that needs returning. So, she writes him a letter. It's the perfect solution for Betty - it means she doesn't need to tell Guy about what ...
List view record 19: Mad about youList view anchor tag for record 19: Mad about you
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Mad about you

McFarlane, Mhairi2022
Harriet Hatley is running away from everything. Getting married. Her boyfriend's family. Her past. A dream house-share seems like the perfect place to hide, but her unlikely housemate, Cal has secrets of his own. And he's no stranger to running away himself. Can these two take a crazy risk, face ...
List view record 20: MiaList view anchor tag for record 20: Mia
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McArthur, Fiona2022
Angus Campbell is used to dealing with emergency situations. He's a rescue medic. But his newly discovered son will require more than his professional training. Perhaps Angus's childhood home, Lyrebird Lake, is the best place to find rapport for both of them. Mia is expecting a new arrival - but ...
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