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Knife Creek

Doiron, Paul2018
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When Maine game warden Mike Bowditch is tasked with shooting invasive feral hogs that are tearing up the forest in his district, he makes a horrific discovery - a dead baby buried in a shallow grave. Even more disturbing: evidence suggests the infant was the child of a young woman who was presumed to have died four years earlier after she disappeared from a group rafting trip. As Bowditch assists the reopened investigation, he begins to suspect that some of his neighbours aren't who they seem to be. When violence strikes close to home, he realises that his unknown enemies will stop at nothing to keep their terrible secrets. Mike Bowditch has bucked the odds his whole career, but this time the intrepid warden may have finally followed his hunches one step too far.
Main title:
Knife Creek / Paul Doiron.
Doiron, Paul, author
New York : Minotaur, 2018.
368 pages ; 22 cm.
Series title:
9781250102362 (pbk)
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